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Material: Pills and acrylic plates

Time: December 2016

Size: Variable


From late March to last May in 2016. I started collecting the clothes' balls that were created by friction. In the begging, I collect pills in my clothes. After that, I expand my collection to my roommates’ clothes. I also collect pills from schoolmates in my dormitory building and canteens. Then I extend my collection to universities, and urban areas in Shapingba District, Chongqing. I locate my trail within Chongqing. This is also the living area of my university life. While I collect, I communicate with different people and experience some interesting details. People thought that I was selling tools to clean the ball on the clothes, but I told them I just want to collect these balls. 

I attempt to use a particular way to engeging into the environment and setting out an event. This leads to my new considerations in this city, as well as relations between people. 

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