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(Can't Stop When It Begins / The Perfect Apple)

Time: November 15, 2018. 3pm-7pm.  Location: 133 W 21 St. New York.

Time: April 9 , 2019. 6pm-8pm.  Location: Galerie Joseph. Paris.

Material: apples, plates, forks, a knife, disposable plastic gloves, tables, tablecloths.

In the performance. I spent 3-4 hours to peel apples' skin. I wanted to peel a perfect apple to serve my guests (this is a kind of Asian culture in my hometown). But when I started peeling it, it would start to oxidize and turn yellow. I peeled off those oxidized skin over and over again until the apple disappeared. Finally, I still cannot give a perfect apple. In such a repetitive action, I took the initiative to do meaningless services.

During the performance, the whole space is filled with the fragrance of apples. The excitement of the audience is gradually changing and decreasing while waiting for me to peel the apple skins. Some of them start to eat my apple skins on the table......


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