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Videos and public art

Artist talk

Sunday, Oct 13, 2019. 11:00am - 2pm

Open Source Gallery. 306 17th Street, Brooklyn. 

In this project, I separates it into two part. First part, I created four clocks to break the time rule of people's past adaptation. And another part is street interaction with people in the community.


Part one: In the room, you can see four clocks moving at different speeds, and you can hear a sound of clock which is 10% slower than normal time. If you look at those clocks carefully, you can find the third clock is the only one that matches the room's seconds sound. The second clock has a normal time speed. And the first one is 10% faster and the fourth clock is 20% slower. When people enter this room, they could hardly find which one of them is the true time in everyday life. 

Part two: I invited people in the community to measure the length of 'one minute' in people's minds. I asked people to consume rope by repeating an action at a constant speed. Those different length ropes people left conceptually match the clocks in part one.


After that, we had a round-table talk.


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